Adrenaline Rush Media was developed solely with the purpose to share our woodsman based life experiences. So often, hunters are faced with questions pertaining to what it is like to participate in the harvest. And so often, the fitting words aren’t available to illustrate the explanation.  Words simply cannot capture the emotion and feeling that the explanation demands, but raw footage captures it all. We have decided to share our stories by taking our cameras along on our expeditions, so that when faced with the questions, we can present an authentic interpretation through film. We want you to visualize what we see, understand what we do, and film is the mechanism that enables you to do just that. Being able to express emotion through the lens of a camera grants the viewer to witness an honest display of emotion. Through film, the adrenaline rush can be felt by the audience, and a real story is confessed. Following a script is never an option when hunting wild game. The improv demanded and dictated by an unruly whitetail, and the uncertainty of a hunt’s outcome, forces us into reality, holding us accountable to ourselves, and true to our audience. We want to share our experiences, and this avenue, film, allows us to do just that. We pride ourselves in giving a true depiction of the lifestyle that we chose to live. In today’s media driven society, it has never been easier to share your experiences with the world. So with a camera in hand, get outdoors, create memories, make friends, be safe, and share your experiences.

Quarantine Hunt
2020 Turkey
Small Game P.3
Small Game P.2
Small Game p.1
The Solo Canada
Beulah Land
Early Goose
Welcoming Fall
Deer Camp