Black Timber Productions consists of three outdoorsmen that love the outdoors and love to hunt. Raised in the beautiful state of Montana, Aaron and Cayde grew up in fully engaged hunting family while roaming the mountains ever since they could walk. David and Cayde met in college working on an associate welding degree and have had some pretty amazing hunts together. Through Black Timber Productions’ films, the deep love and passion of the outdoors will be showcased for all to enjoy!

Lottery Part II
Lottery Part I
Shed Pickup
Spring Bear 2017
BTP Spring Bear 2019
BTP Spring Bear 2018
BTP Ashlyn’s 2018 Sheep
BTP Montana Sheep Hunt
BTP Spring Bear
BTP Eastern Montana
BTP Montana Mule Deer
Ice Fishing G-Town Vol. 1
Ice Fishing G-Town Vol. 2
Ice Fishing G-Town Vol. 3
Fly Fishing Georgetown Lake
Bull Elk Close Call
Blacktimber TInes
Eastern Montana part 2
Antelope with the bow
Damage Hunt
Coming Up Short
The Recovery
Lesson Learned The Hard Way
Mule Deer Does
Blacktimber tines 2
Blacktimber Tines 3
BlackTimber Tines 4
Blacktimber tines 5