We’re a Small group of guys from Northern Wisconsin with a passion for the outdoors. The filmmaking is just a bonus hobby for us that we like to put together after the hunt. The goal is to have the audience with us throughout our adventures across midwest and Canada. we hope you enjoy our hunts and stories!


Loaded Creek
Mallard Paradise
9 man limit
MN Opener
The Airport
WI Opener
Big Brown!
Flock at 15
WI Walleyes
Slo Mo Bow
Fox River Walleye
Huge Sheds
Tagged Out
Close Range
Golden Crappies
Epic turkey
Winter Browns
Bass Beds
Fastest Ice Man
She’s Bent
Ice Fishing Whitefish
Big Schools
Late Ice
Surf Rod
Spring Snows p.2
Spring Snows P.1
Yooper Country
Mississippi River
3 Mile Walk