Turkey Hunter TV is a digitally broadcast series that follows industry veteran, Russell Knight Jr. and friends as they pursue their favorite game animal in North America, the wild turkey. The series is filmed and edited by outdoor production veterans Russell Knight and Seth Johnson that have a combined 25 years in the industry. With the goal of creating an informative, non-traditional turkey hunting show, the production focuses on hunting scenarios and calling techniques with a high- end production. To achieve this, Seth and Russell utilize filming techniques with multiple-angle viewpoints and broadcast leading camera equipment as well as professional lighting gear in studio settings. Each show focuses on the “story” of the hunt and the trials and tribulations that a turkey hunter experiences pursuing the game animal that they love so much. Viewers will appreciate the real-world approach and down-to-earth personality that Russell presents on camera through his educational and informative knowledge of turkey hunting.

What is a Turkey Hunter
Storm’s a Brewin
Kentucky Velvet
Second Chances
Seniors Turn
Buckeye Easterns
Timber Dragons
Harold and David
Trio and Rio
Kentucky Longbeards
Two bands and Double Beards
Rio Grande
Rio Grande Double
Two Big Gobblers
My Teacher
Sit Down Boy
It’s Turkey Time
Sweet Home Alabama
Ole Black Wing