As a Filmmaker for the Hunting Film Network, we encourage you to provide professionally produced films and audio content.  With the Hunting Film Network, you, as a Filmmaker, are not obligated to participate in affiliate arrangements if provided by the network. Also, the Hunting Film Network is not requiring you, as a Filmmaker, to be fully exclusive to the Hunting Film Network.  We understand the importance of exposure and know how valuable multiple platforms are to Filmmakers.  The Hunting Film Network is established to provide Filmmakers with a simple and valuable platform.  We, in turn, expect to entertain viewers with astounding films.

Film Genres

The Hunting Film Network is an ever-growing media platform and is open to content that may not directly fit into current film genres.  Please feel free to inquire on any content you may have and how it can fit into the Hunting Film Network.

Film Submission

After subscribing to the Hunting Film Network, please send links for any films you wish to have on the Hunting Film Network.  Note: These films do not need to be exclusive.  Please send film content along with any Filmmaker info to:

Filmmaker Freelance

You as a filmmaker, have a gifted talent in capturing content, developing graphics, editing films, and building unique video characteristics.

With HFN Filmmaker Freelance, you will have the opportunity to network your talents to the Hunting Film Network following and have the ability to post jobs to receive payment for your hard work.  This will allow you, as a filmmaker, to focus on an area of your expertise and to be compensated for completing a job once hired.


Once subscribed as a Hunting Film Network Filmmaker, you will be a full participant in the product and hunt giveaways provided by the Hunting Film Network during your subscription period.


Filmmakers may be provided a chance to participate in an affiliation with the Hunting Film Network Affiliates.  Simply put, depending on your professionalism, film content, and the following you establish, Hunting Film Network Affiliates may be interested in working directly with determined Filmmakers.  No Filmmaker is required to participate in the Hunting Film Network affiliations and are more than welcome to represent their own affiliations through their films and content.

Social Media 

The Hunting Film Network will utilize and represent the Hunting Film Network Filmmakers on its social media platforms.  To do so, FIlmmakers will need to provide graphics and content.  We encourage Filmmakers to utilize the simple means of networking, participating in, and sharing of all Hunting Film Network social media content.