Filmmakers must include cleared payment for submission before content will be displayed on the Hunting Film Network

  1. All Filmmakers must provide a live link and  a password to their film/s by means of YouTube or Vimeo for Hunting Film Network promotions and use.
  2. Filmmakers may provide multiple films per genres.
  3. Films must include legal audio and video content.
  4. Films must not include illegal activity.
  5. The filmmaker must own or have cleared copyright of all aspects of the film. This includes all music and images used. The Hunting Film Network accepts no responsibility, financial or otherwise, in regards to clearing copyrighted material.
  6. By submitting a film to the Hunting Film Network, the filmmaker/production company grant Hunting Film Network and its Affiliates the right to use of the films throughout the duration of the subscription in any capacity and at future events.
  7. The Hunting Film Network will have the right to display and show any of the films submitted and use the filmmakers details on television/web/social media to promoting the Hunting Film Network.
  8. The Hunting Film Network and its Affiliates retain the right to hold a copy of films submitted for archival and promotional purposes.
  9. Any subscribed filmmakers that wins a giveaway or hunt will have the prize or hunt awarded to the registered filmmaker whether they are working on their own behalf or as part of another organization.
  10. Giveaways are subject to change due to availability.
  11. Filmmakers must provide a 300Wx150H pixel graphic developed to represent the Filmmaker brand.
  12. Filmmakers must provide a brand/logo and information of their company, history, mission, and participants.