The mission of the National Wild Turkey Federation is no less urgent today than when it was founded in 1973. What we do in the coming decades will be instrumental in not only enhancing wild turkey populations but also in the continuation of hunting and quality wildlife habitat for countless species.

We’re losing 6,000 acres of habitat every day. Hunters fund conservation but now we’re at the point where less than 10 percent of the American population hunts, so the funding source is going away. We know we can’t solve this alone. It’s bigger than one organization. The NWTF is leading a collaborative effort to solve the problem with the Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative, and our contribution is our dynamic volunteer base.

Learn more about how the NWTF is making a difference for wildlife, wild places and our hunting lifestyle. FOR EVERY DOLLAR RAISED BY THE NWTF, 89 CENTS GOES TO MISSION DELIVERY.

Since 1985, NWTF volunteers and partners raised and spent more than $488 million toward our mission of conserving wildlife habitat and preserving our hunting heritage.

The NWTF has taken a more strategic approach to conservation delivery with the introduction of the Big Six. NWTF conservation experts identified regions across the country with similar ecosystems and conservation issues. Six areas of concern were established to help identify the most urgent needs and better monitor conservation objectives.

This application will allow the NWTF, and its partners, to better focus limited funding and staff on the top priority conservation needs within each region. The improved system no longer focuses on individual areas, but will impact the sustainability of species and habitats across large landscapes.

The areas of distinction within the Big Six include 738 million acres of identified focal landscapes. The NWTF’s limited funds will have a greater impact in meeting the conservation needs within each region. This process will also ensure wild turkey populations, health and stability for future generations.

Conservation challenges within the Big Six are:

  • improve habitat diversity
  • improve forest health
  • improve pine management
  • improve water quality
  • increase winter wildlife survival
  • maintain healthy hardwood forests
  • restore oak woodlands and savannas
  • restore prairies
  • stop habitat loss

The NWTF has had great success in delivering conservation dollars to restoring and managing the big conservation issues of concern. The Big Six conservation strategy takes conservation delivery to the next level. It will also raise awareness and help partners understand how their efforts and funding help the bigger picture of conservation.